Geothermal Conductivity Testing Trailer

(*credit by Greg Crawford)

  • Why Test Conductivity?

    One word accuracy. Without knowing the composition or thermal characteristics of the ground at the project site, it is difficult to estimate how efficiently a geothermal system will operate. Geothermal Conductivity Testing takes the guesswork out of determining bore hole quantities in loop fields. MESI recommends testing for commercial and residential projects requiring 20 tons or more of cooling. With our state-of-the-art test trailer that was built in-house, MESI can provide accurate and detailed conductivity reports adhering to all of the latest IGSHPA guidelines.
  • Testing * Step by Step *

    1) An Engineer or owner is interested in using geothermal heating and cooling.
    2) A test location is chosen and flagged; bore depth is determined.
    3) Power/water availability on site is determined.
    4) MESI is contacted and provides a quote.
    5) Quote is accepted and test is scheduled.
    6) A well driller chosen by the customer or referred by MESI drills a bore hole.
    7) The bore hole is allowed to cool for 5 days, allowing the heat from drilling to dissipate.
    8) MESI Technician arrives on site with test trailer; provides water and power as needed.
    9) The test trailer is connected to the ground loop.
    10) Water is circulated through loop; loop is purged of air.
    11) 48 hour minimum uniterrupted testing begins.
    12) Test is completed, CPU stops recording data.
    13) Trailer is powered down, disconnected from the loop, and brought back to MESI office.
    14) Data examination begins.
    15) MESI Engineer determines conductivity value.
    16) MESI Engineer compiles a conductivity test report for the customer.
    17) The customer uses the report to add and remove bore holes from theloop field design.
  • Why Choose MESI?

    Experience. MESI has decades of experience with geothermal systems, employing a qualified staff of engineers and technicians to handle testing services. Accuracy. MESI engineering uses IGHSPA approved methods to determine conductivity values. Duplicate sensors, fail-safes, and digital controls ensure our test trailer records accurate data in the field. Flexibility. MESI can test bore holes up to 800 feet, with adjustable amounts of heat and flow. Reliability. As a third party, MESI provides engineers and owners with an unbiased and complete report. Also, by having a technician on site and processing data in-house, we can oversee the entire testing process.